What are you giving up as part of The Naked Face Project?

For sixty days, we will give up wearing any makeup, removing any body hair, altering our hair from its natural state (dying, curling, straightening), wearing uncomfortable feminine clothing (high heels, tight skirts), wearing jewelry (with the exception of wedding bands), painting our nails, using anti-wrinkle or anti-acne lotions, wearing deodorant, or styling our hair for reasons other than function.

Are you saying there’s something inherently wrong with these things?

Absolutely not.  We are not “anti” anything.  For us, it’s not about wrong or right.  We’re hoping to discover something unknown to us now, through this process.  What we will discover is a mystery at this point.

What are you not giving up?

We plan to blow dry our hair (because it’s the winter), brush our teeth, wear sunscreen, and dress appropriately for the occasion.  The issue of dressing appropriately gave us great pause. We have decided that The Naked Face Project is not about being outrageously socially unacceptable.  It is possible to dress professionally without being inherently uncomfortable.

Why 60 days?

We feel that this is long enough to lean into the discomfort of giving up our Beauty Habits. Who knows?  We may continue this new “lifestyle” or find some interesting combination of what we have done in the past with what we do (or don’t do!) during this experiment.

What you do you bring to the table?

You can read our biographies here.  We feel like we offer a unique perspective on beauty, power, confidence, sexuality and gender-related issues because of our careers, as well as our ages (Molly is 51 and Caitlin is 27) and life stages (Molly is a mother of two teenagers and single, and Caitlin is currently pregnant and married).

What are you trying to prove?

Nothing!  We are truly operating from a space of child-like curiosity.  We have no preconceived expectations of this project other than the fact that we anticipate we will feel the discomfort by changing up what has been our normal “beauty routines.”  We really have no idea how The Naked Face Project will turn out.  We are questioning ourselves and our actions, not those of other people.  We are hoping that, though this journey, we will come to a more authentic and genuine understanding of our individual definitions of beauty and how these may or may not play out in terms of our self-worth, power, and sexuality .

Why does it matter?

Molly: “I’ve built my entire life around encouraging girls and women to recognize and activate their potential through embracing a definition of beauty which includes compassion, strength, mindfulness, authenticity and empowerment.  I think I’m finally ready to not only cognitively believe this message, but feel, live, and breathe it too. I want to genuinely and with my heart wide open and live in this space.  Something is calling me to do this, and I’ve learned to never, ever question that intuitive voice.”

Caitlin: “I really believe that we have a confidence crisis on our hands in this country, especially in the minds of teenage girls and women.  I want to do more than pay lip service to the belief that it’s what’s on the inside that counts – I want to truly embrace the philosophy and see what I discover about myself and other people as a result.”

Can I participate?

Yes!  The Naked Face Project might look different for different people.  You can follow our rules and terms or create your own.  If you have a blog and would like to be linked up on the site, please email TheNakedFaceProject@gmail.com.