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Throughout the blog world and in real life, many other women are choosing to participate in their own version of The Naked Face Project.  Send your photo and story to


Mel’s Naked Face


Mel says, “I view my participation in this project as a means to practice what I preach and find authenticity in my life. It’s my hope that by focusing a little less on my outward appearance, I might be more intentional in seeking the inner beauty that exists in my life and the lives of others.I think life should be about constantly evolving, making changes, and taking on challenges. The nature of this project makes me uncomfortable, but it also makes me curious and excited. I’ll be updating my thoughts and experiences every Thursday on my blog. I look forward to sharing them with you!”


JoLyn’s Naked Face


JoLyn says, “This is the first time in 30 years I have heard anything like this kind of thing.  I wish you well.  I am 46 and have not worn make-up pretty much ever.  I never though about it.  I think some people noticed, but for my youth it really in the end did not matter much.  I am so glad that I did not spend 20% of my life dealing with make up.”


Ailya’s Naked Face

Lisa’s Naked Face

the naked face project

Lisa will be updating her thoughts every Wednesday on her blog.


Heather’s Naked Face

Tia’s Naked Face


Esther says, “I am excited to embark on this journey of discovering what beauty means to me and the role it plays in my life. As the days pass, I grow fonder and fonder of my naked face and the defiance I feel toward the restrictions of societal conventions and norms. This project has also already been a point of discussion among friends and family members, and some revealing thoughts have surfaced as I continue to explore the meaning behind women’s decisions to engage in beauty practices.”


Elizabeth’s Naked Face

Jennifer’s Naked Face

naked face project

Jennifer says, “No make up. No fashion magazines. No reality drama television. No low fat, sugar free, ‘diet’ foods or drinks. No uncomfortable clothing. What happens next? Practicing what I preach and my day to day activities being congruent. I simply want to live in my own space of authentic beauty and be more intentional in my actions. After creating and facilitating a free support group for Adolescent girls struggling with disordered eating, low self esteem, body image, bullying, alcohol/drugs, and other issues, I am asked questions such as "Why do you wear make up?" and the answer is usually, "Because it’s brightens my face!" But when I get honest, I realize that is not the whole truth. It is pretty much a way to "mask" my perceived flaws. Be YOU at Be Me, Inc. is a non profit organization that promotes a message of inner beauty, body love, self acceptance, confidence and being our true selves. By immersing in this project, I hope to be more authentic and genuine in answering all questions asked by these girls. They are needing a woman of strength and confidence that is not having to "fix" her face or hide her flaws. Instead, I will authentically live and promote these girls to: Make up their minds and not their faces.”


Megan’s Naked Face

Annie Beth’s Naked Face


Annie Beth said, “I have a non-profit for families that have kids with disabilities or chronic health problems. I’m going to give this the spin of "being who we are" no matter our gender or abilities/disabilities.”

Leslie’s Naked Face


Kelly’s Naked Face


Kelly said, “I love makeup.  I always looked at it as my own personal art.  You can easily show what you are feeling with makeup–sexy, pretty, dramatic to name a few.  There is nothing wrong with makeup.  It can accentuate the positive, cover up those imperfections (which is a life saver as a mom)…but it can also serve as a mask.  For 15 years I have been wearing makeup–couldn’t go anywhere without it.  But for 15 years I have also been struggling with depression, not knowing how to fix it.  Then I heard of the Naked Face Challenge and it was intriguing.  This would be a major step outside of my comfort circle.  Then I read a quote by Karl Kraus "A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful."  It got me thinking–maybe my approach to getting better was all wrong.  Perhaps I wasn’t changing because I was repeating the same mistake.  Maybe I need to face my "ugliness" in order to become beautiful.  So I am now facing it and guess what…I actually don’t think I’m all that ugly without makeup.  For the first time, I feel comfortable saying that I like the way I look with a naked face.  Am I 100% recovered from depression?  No, these things take time.  But I know now that I am making the right steps.”


Amy’s Naked Face


Amy said, “My life has been greatly shaped by beauty. Our society shapes beauty & sexuality hand-in-hand. Pornography runs rampant in people lives, marriages, etc. Women are constantly comparing themselves to air-brushed unrealistic images & their mates are having a hard time being "satisfied" by a real live woman. It’s sickening. In my opinion, we have an epidemic on our hand in this society. Anything that can swim upstream from that, I’m on board with!”


Athena’s Naked Face


Athena said, “This is actually going to be pretty easy for me since I rarely ever wear make-up any more. I am here as a show of solidarity for others that are willing to explore what I did so many years ago when I stopped the primping.  I am the Proud Autistic Mom of (Count Them) 9 Beautiful Children most of whom are on the Autism Spectrum and/or ADHD. Two of my 9 have left this world but, of the remaining seven, six of them are formally diagnosed with Autism. Beauty comes from inside as does learning to love oneself. The Greatest Love of All is loving yourself just the way you are. I am Autistic and I am not broken. My kids are Autistic and they are not broken. They are beautiful just the way God made them because God don’t make junk!”


Isabella’s Naked Face


Isabella said, “I took about two weeks ‘naked’. I don’t use any beauty products but this caused me to think about why I shave my arm pits. Random, I know, but I have seen it is such a large pressure on teenage girls and women to stand out in their ‘lady like’ ways. Makeup is too complicated for me so I skip it, yet I sometimes yearn to be like the rest of my peers. Perfect. Flawless. The NFP has helped me see I really don’t want to be that perfect little lady. I want to stand out as the Izzy who is individual.”

Sarah’s Naked Face

2012-02-25 20.19.03

Sarah said, “I am Sarah. I began doing my own version of Naked Face Project after realizing that, because I work with kids, I have a huge impact on how they view the world. If they only see a woman who is confident after being primped and polished, what sort of message is that sending? I have actually gotten lots of compliments since I started this, saying I look more "natural". But mostly, I’m happy that now I’m no longer just telling girls, "You’re perfect just the way you are." but I’m SHOWING it.”


Frederica’s Naked Face

Desk 2012-3

Frederica said, “I’ve been makeup-free since 2003. I am a writer and do a good bit of traveling and speaking, and as a communicator, my motive was to have nothing artificial between me and the world. I’ve even been makeup-free on national TV. There’s nowhere you can’t go as just yourself.”

Bernadette’s Naked Face


Bernadette said, “I used to think that I was not complete without my makeup…but I am really enjoying being bare. Im really learning how to appreciate my beauty without all the extra!!! Makeup is nice, but genuine beauty is too!!!”


Krista’s Naked Face


Krista said, “I saw the Naked Face Project website around the 1st of April while I was online looking for ideas on how to stop wearing makeup. My search started because I have been a skin picker (dermatillomania) for many years and it has become worse over the years, especially after honorably discharging from the Army and becoming a mother of two, and during my husbands deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve always worn makeup to conceal my horrible deed. I just reached my 26th birthday and I am proud to say I haven’t worn makeup since the 5th of April, 2012 and I have also not picked since then as well. Not wearing makeup has certainly been my motivation to stop picking. It’s an inspiration for those who have a hard time letting go of makeup products whatever their reason may be. Not wearing makeup has helped me realize that I can be me, there is no more pretending and no more hiding. What you see is what you get, no more, no less. My confidence has never been this good!”


Emilie’s Naked Face


Emilie said, “Abandoning the societal-regimented routine of cosmetics and shaving actually started for my in 1994.  At the time I was living in Florida, and had been having a healthy battle with my make up as a result of the heat.  No matter what I put on, it inevitably slid off, melting off my face like candle wax. And so I had come to a crossroad—keep up the cosmetic routine and suffer, or come out from behind the mask and proudly wear a naked face.  Naked won for me handily, and I have not used any kind of makeup on my face ever since.  Around the same time I was learning to eradicate the daily routines that were either unnecessary or a pain in my rear, I started to wonder why I shaved. Maybe this is gross, but after all, I am a mammal, and mammals grow fur.  Over the years I’ve noticed the hair I once would have shaved comes in as a very light down, definitely unnoticeable unless one would be sitting in my lap. Ditching the melodrama has certainly worked for me, and I’m thrilled to see other women also discovering and sharing themselves!”

Allison’s Naked Face


As a transplant in Los Angeles, it’s easy to buy into the myth of what "reality" is out here.  Unfortunately, the reality of living in Hollywood is a harsh one–many people past a certain age here not only never leave the house without a pound of makeup on, but they also inject their faces with all matter of substances and/or just plain cut into it to look younger.  I am in the "Capital of Vanity" … and it is EXHAUSTING.  That said, I don’t judge anyone who decides to alter their appearance in one way or another.  It’s hard growing older out here and if it’s what they need to do for themselves to better their careers or lives, that’s their choice.  I wish them all the best.  I’m going fresh-faced to remind myself that looks are not the ONLY part of life and that there are SO many parts of me that I need to focus on and love–and the more time I spend concentrating on my outward appearance, the LESS time I’m spending on growing and discovering myself.  I have no problem with makeup and will definitely continue wearing it in the future, but as with all facets of my life, I hope to find a healthy balance: inside AND out.”